About AEL

“Since 1998, we have built an organisation that has been having a major, positive impact on the lives of those it helps. Our award-winning social enterprise model seeks to have a thriving, sustainable set of businesses that are put to the service of the people that need it most – people with disability; people with health conditions; and people from disadvantaged backgrounds. We provide the training, work experience and support services they need to get the most fulfilment they can out of their lives” Chair of the Board Hazel Bell

AEL was established in Larne in 1998 as Northern Ireland's first social firm to support individuals with disabilities, health conditions and social disadvantage into meaningful employment and or education. We achieve this by providing advice, information and support on a range of issues, such as access to education, health, housing, leisure, social welfare and other services, on the same basis as people without disadvantage. AEL provides training, work experience and sustained employment for people with learning disability/difficulty, health related conditions and additional needs. We are proud to acknowledge that while AEL trades globally our impact is felt most locally, as we bring in 70% of our income through our business activities, in addition to support from the National Lottery Community Fund, European Social Fund, Department for Communities and Northern Health and Social Care Trust. We’ve grown to be a truly impactful, diverse, organisation with 35 mixed ability staff, as dedicated to their mission as the Board Members and Senior Management Team who support them

For more information, please visit www.accessemployment.co.uk