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10 Reasons Why I Love You Hearts

10 Reasons Why I Love You Hearts

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Let your Valentine know how much you love them with the perfect gift, something that they can cherish forever!

Each heart has a special reason including;
- you always there for me
- you make me smile
- you are my soulmate 
- you are beautiful
- you are simply you 
- you care about me 
- you keep me safe
- you make me happy
- you make me laugh
- you are kind

Each heart is engraved and cut with 3mm MDF.
Comes with red organza gift bag.

We truly believe that personalised gifts are the perfect way to create a thoughtful and meaningful present, a gift to be cherished for years to come. Although, our products don’t always have to be gifted – why not spoil yourself and get one personalised for you!

The possibilities are endless: laser engrave your recipient’s name, embellish with a favourite quote or birthday message. 

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